think green

Sirens Beach & Village is constantly striving to find new and creative ways to help the environment.

The hot water is provided by and indirect Solar Water Heating System. Water is circulated through solar panels, naturally heating the water by the sun and distributed throughout the hotel.

In order to make the water drinkable, Reverse Osmosis is used to purify and soften the water before it reaches the rooms.

Rooms are cooled via a Geothermal Cooling System.  The air for the air-conditioning system is first cooled by the cold water circulated from a natural well, making it energy efficient and emission free.

The sprinkler system for the lush, green gardens is sourced from an onsite, underground spring.

Low energy consuming light bulbs are used throughout the hotel to help reduce energy consumption.

All waste kitchen oil, paper, glass and batteries are collected and sent to be recycled.

All rooms are fitted with an automatic system that turns off the lights when guests leave their room and air-conditioning that turns off when the balcony doors are opened.

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Sirens Hotels
Emmanouil Tsagkaraki Str.,
70007 Malia, Crete,
Tel: (+30) 28970 35100
Fax: (+30) 28970 31325


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